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A smart and sensative way to help your loved ones begin their greiving process. Knowing they are providing the funeral services you wanted.

Providing Peace of Mind

Miller Funeral Homes Guarantees any PrePaid Burial Trust meeting the terms and purchaser rights outlined in the “Miller Guarantee”  which offers the families we serve the ability to “lock in” today’s prices for future need down the road, no matter how far down the road.

Our family has been family owned and operated for 5 generatiions, since 1889

One of the greatest burdens you can lift from a loved one when planning your estate is to provide a written plan outlining the funeral services you would like. On top of outlining, in writing, your funeral selections many families elect to PrePay their expenses by opening a Burial Trust.

Two types of accounts exist in New York State:

1. Irrevocable Burial Trust

Irrevocable accounts are designed specifically for individuals that qualify or are applying to qualify for Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Individuals meeting the requirements of Medicaid or SSI are allowed to prefund their funeral expenses setting aside and specifically designating funds for the sole purpose of paying their funeral and burial expenses. New York State Law specifically seperates funds designated Irrevocable from any personal resources, therefore allowing those individuals to safeguard funds intended to pay their funeral expenses. Most family’s seeking to open an Irrevocable Trust are in the “spend down” portion of the Medicaid/SSI application.
Funds designated Irrevocable must be utilized for funeral related expenses as outlined by the State of New York. However , the funds remain in the name of the individual for whom the account is intended. They are 100% portable, meaning all funds set aside originally plus any interest earned is transferable from one facility to another.

2. Revocable Burial Trust

PrePayment is not just for those applying for Medicaid or SSI. Revocable Trusts are Identical to Irrevocable Trusts except the funds may be returned by the trust company if requested in writing by the accounts beneficiary or their representative.

Revocable Trusts are easily transformed into Irrevocable Trusts if and the need arises.

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