What makes up the costs of a funeral?

A funeral can be broken down into three main costs:
  • Funeral Home Service Charge (ie: costs associated with services provided by the funeral home)
  • Merchandise (ie: casket, burial vault, register book, memory book, memorials, flowers, cremation container, urns, cremation urn vault, etc...)
  • Cash Advances (ie: third party charges that may appear on a funeral statement; cemetery, crematory, newspapers, death certificates, religious offerings, etc...)

Should I pre-pay a funeral?

Yes and No. If you are going on Medicaid then prepaying a funeral is recommended. Medicaid will encourage you to do so and it helps to assure that your wishes are carried out. If Medicare is involved then it becomes a matter of preference and long-term goals.

Are the laws governing prepaid funerals the same throughout the country?

No. Laws very greatly from state to state; some states provide little or no protection and your prepaid trust account can be in jeopardy.

What should I look for in a prepaid burial trust?

  • Does the funeral home charge for setting up the pre-arranged funeral and it's associated burial trust account?
  • Do you know where the burial trust is established and maintained?
  • Is the burial trust 100% insured?
  • Can you receive a yearly statement?
  • Is the burial trust portable? (ie: can be transferred to another funeral home of your choosing)
  • Will today's burial trust completely pay for a funeral in the future?

How does Miller Funeral Homes handle their burial trust accounts?

  • There is no charge for setting up and maintaining a pre-arranged funeral and its associated burial trust.
  • We send you the location and account number of the burial trust account, as soon as the trust is opened.
  • Our burial trust accounts are 100% insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
  • The financial institution where the funds are invested issues a statement every January.
  • The burial trusts are 100% portable.
  • In our 100-plus years of funeral service no one has had to supplement the costs of a prepaid funeral as long as they stayed within the framework of the original funeral selected and the funeral was 100% funded at the time of the initial arrangements.

Can we have a calling hours with a cremation?

Yes, but a cremation casket must be purchased for the calling hours.

Can Catholics be cremated?

Yes, but the Church encourages you to bury the ashes.

Is Miller Funeral Homes still family owned?

Miller's is still owned and operated by the original Miller family. The current President is Edward J. Miller (Fourth generation) and Vice President Josh E. Miller (Fifth generation), both licenced funeral directors in the State of New York.
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