PreNeed & Price Guarantee

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Ed and Josh Miller,
the fourth and fifth generations at Miller's, are pleased to present the following offer:

Upon the successful completion of all the requirements necessary to establish a Burial Trust Account, Miller Funeral Homes, Inc. [Herein referred to as Miller's] will extend a guarantee to cover 100% of the funeral home charges.

Miller's will guarantee that the amount prepaid will cover the FUNERAL HOME CHARGES [currently Letters A-J on the PreNeed Statement] but only the funeral home charges.
Any and all CASH ADVANCES [non funeral home charges] are not guaranteed.

Cash Advances will be charged at the prices in existence at the time of death. A shortage of Cash Advance funds would be charged to the responsible party. Cash Advance items are non funeral home expenditures that Miller's has no control over. They include, but are not limited to the following:

graves, mausoleums, niches, opening and closing of graves, mausoleums and niches, monuments, monument engraving, crematory, death certificates, newspaper notices, church & clergy fees, organist, airlines, hairdresser, motorcycle escort, etc...

When you establish the Burial Trust Account all the prices quoted are those in existence at that time. At the time of death the account will be charged the prices that exist at the time of death.

Miller's makes NO CHARGE for preparing your funeral instructions or for establishing a PreNeed Burial Trust Account.

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unless you request additional information."
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